Excel Short-cuts – A Quickie…

If there’s one thing that signifies a power user from a regular user – it’s the command over the keyboard navigation in any software. And Excel is no different.

Some very helpful shortcuts that you could add to your daily routine –

Formatting the cell
The combination of SHIFT + CTRL + <number> defines a particular formatting.
SHIFT + CTRL + 1    – Number formatting, with commas, and two places decimal
SHIFT + CTRL + 2    – Time Format (pre-defined)
SHIFT + CTRL + 3    – Date Format(pre-defined)
SHIFT + CTRL + 4    – Currency formatting(Dollar format)
SHIFT + CTRL + 5    – Percentage format
SHIFT + CTRL + 6    – Exponent format
CTRL + 1                   – Opens the Number Format dialog

Repeat Last ActionF4 Key

Auto Sum Function across rows/columns with numbersAlt + “=”

Paste Special Commands
Combination of Alt + E + S opens the Paste Special Window. A list of shortcuts that will prove to be very useful –
Alt + E + S + V          – Paste Values
Alt + E + S + T          – Paste Formats
Alt + E + S + F          – Paste Formulae
Alt + E + S + W        – Paste Column Widths
Alt + E + S + E          – Paste Transpose
Alt + E + S + E + V   – Paste Transposed Values
Alt + E + S + M        – Multiple copied value to all cells

Navigating the Excel Sheet
Shift + Ctrl + Arrow keys       – Move over Excel ranges of cells/data
Ctrl keys + Pg Up/Pg Down   – Move between tabs
Shift + Ctrl +  Home/End       – Move to begining or end of range of cells/data
Ctrl + “.” (+ Shift)                     – Move to ends of selected range of cells (Not commonly known)

While there are hundreds of thousands of shortcuts, what makes a difference is how many of them you use in your day-to-day use of Excel. The trick lies in forcing yourself to consciously use a shortcut when you go looking for that mouse every time!


2 thoughts on “Excel Short-cuts – A Quickie…


    Hi Arun, Did not know of u r blog earlier, but it is interesting. Well, I have been an ardent user, follower and preacher of XL and do accept that the shortcut keys come in handy. Ofcourse it depends on the usage and u r awareness for usage of the same. Unless u keep using the shortcuts, u do not remember of the same. Hence for a regular user, these shortcuts and there are many more would make their life much better. Keep updating much more of the same.


  2. Arun Post author

    Thank you for finding your way to my blog.
    Even for the not-so-frequent user of Excel, it is very irritating to shift between the mouse and the keys. So, a little bit of effort could help that. I know most people prefer to get irritated all the time though! 🙂


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